The Power couple Robert And Aaron came to a heartbreaking end last October when Robert was sentenced to Life in prison. He would have to spend 14 years before parole. Robert Sent Aaron divorce Papers. Aaron reeling with pain at the loss of his soulmate. It all came to a head Jan 16, 2020 as Aaron leaves for Scotland. WHAT THE F***** ARE THESE GOD DAMN FUCKING WRITERS PULLING, why Write Aaron our then not tell us if he is coming back. Ryan Hawley Quit. I though it was because he wanted out. Maybe he did. But why not recast the role since Ryan was the 4th Actor. Spoilers make no mention of Aaron just that fucking who killed graham bullshit. Did the Producers deliberately not recast Robert because ROBRON dominated for five years. If that’s the case they can fuck off I won’t watch again.

Million Moms Upset over a lesbian Kiss.

WHAT THE FUCK!! What year is this 2019 that’s Two Thousand and Nineteen. We are 20 Days away from the Beginning of 2020 Two Thousand and Twenty. WHAT THE F***** is this 1960 Nineteen Sixty. Ladies Get a life we are just about to close the Second Decade of the 21st Century.

Fates of Several Decided on ‘Smallville’ Season Premiere

Napping at Red Lights

The Season 7 premiere of Smallville felt like the tally of who lives and who dies as the fates of several characters were left in the balance during the season finale last spring.  However, fans had to wait to the final minutes to discover the fate of Lana Lang Luthor (Kristin Kreuk).  *** The following might contain some spoilers***

SupergirlLana  lives!  Unless of course, you are reading the certificates of death in the morgue.  Don’t you wonder how the medical examiner confirmed her death?  Did they find a body in the explosion?  If so, who was it?  And how did it get in Lana’s car?

Meanwhile, Lana is in hiding halfway around the world.  In the final few minutes we see a blond-wigged Lana strolling through China.  Someone please tell me the purpose of wearing a disguise if you are going to take it off and stand in front of a window.


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